$2,000 Quarter? Check your pockets before using this 2004 coin

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The next time you throw a quarter of it into a chewing gum machine at the local grocery store, think about this: that piece of gum could cost you $2,000 or more.

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It all depends on the type of neighborhood you are using. If it’s a Wisconsin state quarter issued in 2004, it could be worth at least $2,000 and possibly much more. The vast majority of 2004 Wisconsin quarters are worth face value – 25 cents. But some contain errors, making them rare collector’s items.

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All quarters in this series show a cow, a wheel of cheese and an ear of corn on its back, WLAC reported. If you have one, pay special attention to the corn, especially the top leaf. TikTok user @coinhub posted a helpful video on the subject, embedded below.

If you see an “extra high leaf” on the corn, save that piece for life because the tiny little leaf isn’t supposed to be there. An “additional high leaf” coin in excellent condition sold for up to $2,530. Even those in less than excellent condition could fetch you a few thousand dollars.

Now, if you happen to see a 2004 Wisconsin wedge with an “extra low leaf” under the corn, put it in a metal safe and put that safe in a safe. One of these Wisconsin quarters with a “low extra leaf” sold for $6,000, WKDQ reported, citing a report on collector’s site Professional Coin Grading Service.

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On the other hand, if you have a Wisconsin 2004 quarter with no high extra sheet or low extra sheet, well… find three more like this and you’ll have a buck.

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