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As has been the case for years, the tech sector continues to provide much of the growth in US markets and around the world. What if investors want to own tech stocks but also need the income? Even with the recent surge in US Treasury yields, the 30-year bond yield is only 2.09%, and the S&P 500 yield is at its lowest in 20 years. So what are investors with a higher tolerance for risk who need income and growth to do?

A good idea is to look at technology stocks which also pay solid and reliable dividends. We sifted through our 24/7 Wall St. research universe for well-known technology companies that are paying large dividends and have strong growth prospects for the remainder of 2021 and beyond. We found five that now look like great ideas. All five are rated Buy from Top Wall Street Companies, although it’s important to remember that no analyst report should be used as the sole basis for any buy or sell decision.


This company posted strong second quarter earnings and is also a member of the BofA Securities US 1 list of top stocks. Broadcom Inc. (NASDAQ: AVGO) has an extensive portfolio of semiconductor products that address applications within wired infrastructure, wireless communications, enterprise storage, and industrial end markets.

Applications of Broadcom’s products in its end markets include data center networking, home connectivity, broadband access, telecommunications equipment, smartphones and base stations, servers and storage, factory automation, power generation, and alternative energy systems and displays.

Broadcom has just announced that it has agreed to sell its BlazeMeter continuous testing platform to Perforce Software. Perforce Software said in a statement this week that the deal will increase its quality portfolio of enterprise applications.

The dividend yield is 2.97%. BofA Securities has a price target of $ 580 for Broadcom stock, while the Wall Street consensus target is below $ 530.62. The shares closed trading on Thursday at $ 484.93 apiece.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise

This spin-off from a Silicon Valley legend holds solid upside potential. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. (NYSE: HPE) provides solutions that enable customers to capture, analyze, and act on data seamlessly.

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