Accrue Coin will launch the first smart contract with tiered wealth distribution

The coin is created by the working class to support the working class and create true passive income

COLORADO, USA, Feb. 28, 2022 / — A revolutionary new smart contract designed to distribute wealth will launch on March 18. Accrue Coin has a carefully planned tier system, so investors enjoy daily Binance USD rewards in each tier of investment.

“We believe that everyone should get back what they have invested. Early investors are and always will be rewarded with larger holdings at lower prices,” said co-founder Juan Rivera. “But to encourage future investors, Accrue Coin offers a tier-based reflection system that places everyone in tiers, determined by equity value.”

A key feature that sets Accrue Coin apart is their departure from the “get in while you still can” formula. The company said the days of having to invest in a project early and get decent reflections, just to be reduced to mere pennies when wealthier investors buy in, are over. Instead, the coin encourages investment at the time of discovery for generations to come.

The tier system is set up to distribute rewards equally among holders of each tier. For example, if there are 100 people in level 1, which has a bag value of $100 to $500, each level holder will receive $17.30 if the daily volume is $100,000. There are 12 levels in total, with the lowest levels getting the highest percentage of reflections. Level 1 grants 29% reflections, while level 12, with a bag value over $1,000,000, grants 2% reflections. If a level has no holders, reflections assigned to that level are moved to the Giveaways portfolio. Higher levels have fewer supports with which to divide reflections. Reflections are not automatic and must be claimed in the dashboard.

For tokenomics, there is an 11% fee for each buy and sell transaction. BUSD reflections are 6% with 2% liquidity. One percent goes to marketing and development. One percent of the BUSD is allocated to gifts and one percent to NFT dividends.

To promote fairness, there will be no whitelisting or presale. Initial liquidity will be raised through NFT sales. There will be 250 unique NFTs minted and available for purchase with no purchase limit. NFT holders will receive a daily dividend that must be claimed. Each NFT will evenly distribute 1% of the day’s trading volume. Holders of multiple $ACRU NFTs will receive the allocated amount for each NFT.

Accrue Coin was founded by Juan Rivera and Parker. The duo developed the idea by researching cryptocurrencies that provided true passive income.

“The reflection-based pieces proved to be valuable, at first. However, time and time again, the same problem would arise. One would enter a project early, and the reflections are great. Then after a few weeks, they dwindled to the point that it couldn’t even be called income anymore. Here we were, back to start looking for a new project,” Rivera said. “Accrue Coin was designed by the working class to support the working class. During all this time, this allows wealthier investors to earn modest passive income and have an equal share of weekly winning rewards.

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