Active World Club Lists New Crypto Currency Token Carbon Coin Carbon Credits

The Carbon Coin Token

The club will create a new exchange of carbon credits

The goal of Carbon Coin and the new carbon credit exchange is to become the trading platform and standard currency for buying and selling carbon credits in the United States.

— John Bunszel, Founder of Carbon Coin

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, USA, June 7, 2022 / — Active World Club, (, a leading decentralized cryptocurrency club and trading exchange, is pleased to announce the listing of the new carbon credits token, Carbon Coin on its VIP crypto currency exchange www.MadHatter.Exchange. The Club also announced its intention to launch a new exchange which will allow the purchase and sale of carbon credits.

Carbon Coin – The new token is a cryptocurrency that will be used to buy and sell carbon credits on the exchange. Carbon credits are negotiable certificates that give their holder the right to emit, for a certain period of time, carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. The certificate, or credit, can then be turned into an NFT and purchased using the new Carbon Coin token on the exchange.

Carbon Coin Founder John Bunszel said, “The goal of Carbon Coin and the new carbon credit exchange is to become the standard trading platform and currency for buying and selling carbon credits to consumers. United States. He went on to say, “Creating a new cryptocurrency-based market for trading carbon credits can play an important role in opening up new financial opportunities while reducing overall carbon emissions. For example, farms that create carbon credits could monetize those credits on the exchange by selling them to companies that need additional credits to reduce their carbon footprint. The market for carbon coins and carbon credits will create a new safe ecosystem to facilitate these types of transactions.

Voluntary Carbon Markets or VCMs surpassed $1 billion in 2021. Industry experts have estimated that carbon markets could reach $4 trillion by 2050. The year 2050 is also the timeline predicted by the Paris agreement for the world to reach net zero emissions.

The Task Force on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets, a group of more than 200 experts, consultants and NGOs, has released a report stating that large-scale Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCMs) are key to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement – they will enable more companies to turn net zero commitments into action. The report summary states that VCM must be increased 15 times by 2030 in order to meet the Paris Agreement targets by 2050.

AWC COO, Beau Kelley added: “Most if not all of our daily activities have an impact on our carbon footprint. Individuals and businesses produce carbon or generate credits based on their activities. The future potential of Carbon Coin and the carbon credit market is so huge that it is almost difficult to put a value on it.

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About Active World Club
AWC’s mission is to create a platform to decentralize, democratize and demystify financial opportunity through the use of cryptocurrencies. Memberships are suitable for anyone with a common desire to foster creativity, commerce and community enrichment. With social censorship more prevalent than ever, the AWC team has created a safe space for all members to share ideas and opinions, respectfully. Joining our community is fast and secure; simply create your profile to immediately access all AWC member features. For more information about Active World Club, please visit, www.MadHatter.Exchange or email [email protected]

About Carbon Coin
Carbon Coin is a new cryptocurrency used to buy and sell carbon credits on a decentralized private exchange. Currently, there is a lack of exchanges and/or cryptocurrencies for the use of carbon credits to benefit local farmers, farmland owners, as well as large corporations. Our goal is to be recognized by industry leaders and/or government as the leading crypto exchange and currency of the fast-growing Clean Earth initiative.
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The Carbon Coin Token is launched on MadHatter.Exchange

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