Banning members of Congress from trading stocks while in office is under debate

Proposal to prevent abuse of privileged information

Some Democrats in Congress want to ban federal lawmakers from being able to buy and sell stocks while in office. Republicans in Iowa seem stuck on one item on Gov. Kim Reynolds’ wish list: scholarships for private schools using taxpayer dollars.

And Iowa state lawmakers are also debating whether to impose a moratorium on eminent domain cases.

We address these issues with former Iowa State Rep. David Millage, a Republican, and former Scott County Democratic Party Chairman Karl Rhomberg.

“I think (eminent domain) has bipartisan support in the House,” Rhomberg said. “I think it’s a great idea. Let’s slow down the pipelines – they’re kind of like the new railroads.

“The moratorium does nothing,” Millage said. “They couldn’t get it approved until next February anyway…. Pipeline companies have to pay people a fair market value for the property.

Listen to the video to hear what else our panelists have to say.

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