Coin Bureau: Current Market Is Different Than 2018-2019 “Crypto Winter”

The host of popular crypto market analysis and commentary show Coin Bureau says the industry is completely different from the “crypto winter” of 2018-2019.

Speaking in a recent YouTube video, Coin Bureau host “Guy” commented on growing concern that crypto markets have entered a bear market, with some analysts saying price trends will resemble those of the “crypto winter” of 2018 and 2019.

Guy noted that the crypto-asset industry is “nearly incomparable” to where it was just two or three years ago.

As reported by The Daily Hodl, Guy said:

Markets have evolved. More people know about crypto. More and more people are using cryptography. Investors are different. Investors invest on the basis of different theses. The conditions that led to the last crypto winter are nowhere to be found.

The show host also noted that the previous bear market was fueled by the initial coin offering (ICO) bubble that burst in early 2018.

Rather than being driven by speculative changes, Guy said crypto prices are down due to factors “far outside the crypto market” including the global pandemic and the influence of the stimulus. monetary.

Guy argued that investors no longer distinguish between crypto-assets and traditional investment vehicles such as stocks, leading to a downward trend in value across all markets. He also noted that recent concerns about the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike, supply chain disruptions and an impending war with Russia have caused panic among investors.


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