Crypto Investors Go Bullish on Avalanche and EverGrow Coin

by Analytics Insight

March 23, 2022

Want to know if Avalanche is a good crypto investment for 2022? Here is your answer

6% gains in the last week. That’s more growth than Bitcoin, Ethereum, or BNB – the top crypto tokens by market capitalization. Although it attracts attention, it is worth considering if Avalanche is a good crypto investment for 2022?

A lot of people are buying trending tokens like AVAX without understanding the project roadmap behind it. This type of haphazard investing is often the reason why cryptos see impressive price increases followed by rapid losses as wallets quickly sell their assets.

In this article, we will compare the roadmap of Avalanche to that of EverGrow Coin – a crypto project that, despite being far from the crypto headlines and trends, still earns its coin holders hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Avalanche – the economical and ecological alternative to Ethereum

Avalanche’s AVAX token is up 36% in the past seven days, the highest of the top 20 crypto tokens. It is miles ahead of Ethereum’s 14% growth over the past week and Bitcoin’s 6.8% price increase.

Corn Avalanche the gains, in theory, should come from Ethereum’s losses. Avalanche was launched in September 2020 as a direct competitor to the second most valuable blockchain network in crypto. In particular, Avalanche promotes itself as an “incredibly fast”, “cheap” and “environmentally friendly” alternative to Ethereum’s well-documented problems.

A number of crypto tokens have relied on Avalanche’s three different blockchain networks that offer “infinite” transactions per second (TPS) – compared to Ethereum’s current 14 TPS. Avalanche can also provide transaction finality in 2 seconds, compared to 6 minutes for Ethereum. When it comes to the environment, Avalanche can do all this math without Ethereum’s huge carbon footprint (equivalent to Serbia and Montenegro) and annual electricity consumption equal to that of the Netherlands.

But will all this change in 2022? Ethereum has just announced the success of its final phase of testing before the smart contract giants plan to move to a new proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and begin a new low-energy, fast, and low-power future. low cost. Ethereum’s market capitalization is huge compared to Avalanche – $350 billion versus $24 billion. For crypto investors in 2022, the dominance of blockchain networks for developers is still at stake.

EverGrow Coin (EGC)

New crypto investors are likely to opt for tokens already in the top 20 by market cap – like Avalanche, ranked #10 on CoinMarketCap. But that’s not always where all the money is made. Avalanche is down about 20% from its year-to-date price movements. Had you purchased when Avalanche’s AVAX token was worth $3, that would be a different story? But what if making money in crypto had little to do with price fluctuations?

Enter EverGrow Coin. EverGrow Coin is a reward token that allows you to hold onto your investment, rather than selling as a bull market kicks in. It does this by charging a 14% tax on all transactions, 8% of which is paid directly into Binance USD stablecoin. To date, the project has paid out over $35 million to its 137,000 investors, averaging over $255 per person, depending on your position size.

EverGrow PartThe next goal of is to turn EGC tokens into a kind of stock, which increasingly generates passive income for investors through a suite of new applications. The first of these, Crator, is a content subscription platform that will directly challenge OnlyFans and Patreon by reducing commissions and diversifying payouts. Crator will only charge 5% compared to OnlyFans 20% commission and facilitate payments in EverGrow Coin, BNB and BUSD to start.

Before the end of 2022, EverGrow Part will fit into The Abstract metaverse which seeks to develop virtual reality experiences. The Abstract offers cloud-streamed VR games, allowing users access without additional computing power. Users can earn crypto on play-to-earn VR games and enjoy a virtual NFT market, crypto exchange, and Crator.

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