Cuphead: the delicious last dish

After several prolonged delays, Cuphead: the delicious last dish has finally arrived, giving players a whole new area to explore. The fourth Inkwell Isle contains a host of challenging new boss battles, as well as new weapons and charms to employ new strategies. New Cuphead The area also contains many coins to buy these weapons and charms, which are obtained in different ways.

Studio MDHR’s long-awaited sequel to 2017’s hit title Cuphead comes after three consecutive years of delay. Originally announced for a 2019 release, the game’s expansion has been pushed back several times, with the developers apparently unwilling to compromise on quality being the reason for doing so. This commitment to superior quality has finally paid off very recently, with Cuphead: the delicious last dish go gold just weeks before its release.


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All Cuphead: The Delicious Coin Locations of the Last Course

As mentioned earlier, with many new weapons and charms to purchase, players will need to stock up on Inkwell Isle 4 coins. However, obtaining each coin, of which there are 16, must be done in multiple ways.

Mrs. Chalice’s recipe

The first piece Cuphead players can recover right after setting foot on the new Inkwell Island for the first time. In the town square, there is a food cart just to the right of Chef Saltbaker’s bakery. Equip the Astral Cookie to enter the recipe book, which is basically a tutorial on how to do all of Ms. Chalice’s unique moves. Use these moves to get the coin in the upper right corner of the recipe page.

Talk to the Town Square NPC

As was the case for the first Cuphead campaign, the first NPC players can talk to will give them three coins. Simply approach the newsboy-like character, where after thanking Cuphead for his deeds, three coins will be given.

The Secret Path

Cuphead is known for putting hidden paths and shortcuts into its overworld, and the DLC is no different. Across the bridge from the Coin Donor NPC is one of the Porkrind Emporium locations. Head behind the shop and stay to the left, where another coin can be picked up after blindly walking quite far in that direction.

The king’s leap

After collecting the first five pieces, the other 11 are actually conveniently located in the same place. Not so conveniently, players must overcome five separate challenges if they want to claim them all. A unique element Cuphead: the delicious last dishKing’s Leap challenges require Cuphead players to use parries exclusively, stripping them of any weapons or charms. The reward amount for each chess piece themed challenge is as follows:

  • Pawns: 2 pieces
  • The knight: 2 pieces
  • The bishop: 2 pieces
  • The Tower: 2 rooms
  • The Queen: 3 pieces

Once players successfully checkmate all of the challenges, they will have all 16 coins available in Cuphead: the delicious last dish. Players can then use their newfound wealth to purchase the Shattered Relic, along with whatever Porkrind has yet to offer.

Cuphead: the delicious last dish is available now on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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