Dogecoin Knockoff Project Launches Coin List Tool To Compete With The Likes Of CoinMarketCap – Dogecoin – US Dollar ($ DOGE)

Doge bonk (DOBO), a Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) counterfeit project, is launching a new platform similar to the CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko price discovery websites that would focus on the coins itself.

What happened: The development team behind DogeBonk said the new platform will focus “only on smaller, community-driven projects.”

The SEO website, MemeTools, would provide real-time blockchain data to display price, volume, liquidity, etc. In return, projects must engrave the DOBO meme token.

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Why is this important: DOBO has climbed 896% in the past 90 days, although it is down 51.7% in a 30-day period. In comparison, DOGE fell 28.85% in the past 90 days and 10.4% in the previous 30 days.

At the time of publication, DOBO was trading down 10.1% on a 24-hour basis to $ 0.000000000068, while DOGE was down 0.5% to $ 0.17.

The DogeBonk team has created a Telegram channel that acts as a “free space” for new cryptocurrency communities to come and promote their respective coins.

Last month, Team DogeBonk said they “beat” DOGE after throwing the token to the edge of space using a stratospheric weather balloon. The Dogecoin community disputed this claim, noting that a similar exploit involving the apex meme coin had taken place earlier.

Meanwhile, DOGE-1, a paid Dogecoin mission, is slated to go to the moon this year.

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