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HealthCheck Coin: Ethereum Meta (ETHM)

About Meta (ETHM) is an anonymous token from a crypto project that aims to address privacy concerns on the Ethereum blockchain. On top of that, the team behind ETHM is looking to make it the daily payment method for anonymous marketplaces.

Launched in 2018, Ethereum Meta has remained low for years. Then it started to gain attention after its formidable rally of 1,743% in November 2021.

Project Status: Ethereum Meta smart contracts allow for direct anonymous transactions that hide purchases and the amounts spent on them.

Anonymous payments exist alongside non-anonymous. Users can convert ETH coins to anonymous ETHM, then send, split or merge ETHMs and convert them back to ETH to perform an anonymous transaction.

Token used for anonymous black market payments.

Website and White Paper: The website comes with brief project specifications, a roadmap, a white paper, a contact form, links to the community, and links to compatible portfolios.

Website on WordPress, titles and subtitles sometimes do not match, minor grammar mistakes.

The website is not secure.

The white paper is a PDF document. Dedicated to 2018/2019, but website links for updates. No founders, no team.

Stage of development: Desktop and mobile wallets completed in 2018.

Continued expansion of the Ethereum Meta community.

Listed on crypto exchanges since Q4 2019. The same target is set until Q4 2022.

Works on the development of Smart Contract Mixer, which allows to mix transaction tokens in crypto wallets, so operation on smart contracts seems transparent. The target set for the second quarter of 2018 is now postponed to the fourth quarter of 2022.

Roadmap: development of an anonymous and non-centralized online marketplace (from Q2 2022 to Q4 2023).

The same objective was set in the 2018/2019 white paper. No explanation as to what caused the delay.

Fundraising: funding by administrators, free offers and donations.

No data on the amount of funds raised.

Team No data is provided on the founders, developers, advisers or investors of the project.

The official website lists decentralized exchanges and crypto data aggregators (CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko) as partners.

Community: Social media accounts: Twitter (NYSE 🙂 (6.6K), Facebook (NASDAQ 🙂 (1.2K), Telegram (5.6K)

The Reddit account is linked to the r / CryptoCurrency subreddit.

Regular periods of inactivity on Twitter. The longest lasted over a year (Oct 2019 – Dec 2020). The project came back without explanation.

ATH reposts and high-profile posts make up the largest portion of Ethereum Meta’s social media content.

The current Ethereum Meta messages being a scam project. Users complain that the wallet and sale prices are completely different, the exchange is only possible for a fraction of the listed price.

Key indicators
Maximum supply: 991 trillion

Circulating power supply: 50 billion

Market capitalization: $ 26,000

Trade volume: Below $ 0.5M

Exchange Lists: Listed on 12 decentralized exchanges, including PancakeSwap (V2) and OxProtocol (the full list is here).

Token Allocation: Over 4.3K unique holder addresses on the Ethereum network.

98% of Ethereum Meta tokens are in whale hands, holding over 1% of the circulating supply.

99% of portfolios hold funds for more than a year.

Wallets: Available with ERC-20 compatible wallets and Binance Extension Wallet.

Price Action: All Time High (ATH): $ 0.04141247 (Mar 2019)

All-time low (ATL): $ 0.000000000023224 (November 2021)

Massive rally of 1.743% on November 18, 2021.


  • More red flags than reliable facts. Ethereum Meta (ETHM) is dedicated to resolving privacy issues on the Ethereum network and is itself completely anonymous. This is probably logical, but risky for regular retail investors, who should continue to ask the question “why should I trust him?” “
  • The anonymous team doesn’t seem to care about investing their time and effort in Ethereum Meta; the website and whitepaper lack details and provide broken links, and the webpage is not even secure. Project development is slow, and the team regularly abandons their social media channels.
  • Almost all of the supply in circulation is in the hands of several holders who have not moved them for more than a year. The trading volumes are low and the market capitalization indicates that ETHM has almost no value.
  • The November pump and dump style ETHM price chart is quite vocal. The constant complaints about issues with Ethereum Meta should work as an alert.
  • In short, it is best to steer clear of this type of investment, unless you are a black market player and have no other choice.


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