EverGrow Coin aims to be the most rewarding crypto in history

NEWARK, DE /ACCESSWIRE/February 27, 2022/ All cryptocurrencies aim to bring incredible returns to their investors. Meme-coins like Shiba Inu have seen their price increase by 45,000,000% in the last year, which has generated quite a few millionaires along the way. But with Shiba Inu in 2022 seeing some of the biggest price drops among the top 20 cryptos, countless people lost their money too.

This is the problem with crypto: you have to sell your investment at exactly the right time to make serious money. According to investment expert and professional financial planner Sam Kelly – president of crypto newcomer EverGrow Part – inexperienced crypto investors may be bored within days or weeks with a token. Sam Kelly:

“It’s because of two things: one, they haven’t done the research, they have FOMO and don’t understand why they invested. Second, it’s because they’ve seen too many headlines about 1/100,000 crypto investors who, by sheer luck, hit that 100x and got rich overnight.


EverGrow Coin – “the most rewarding crypto in history”

The description on EverGrow’s popular Twitter channel states how it wants to become “the most rewarding crypto in history.” Of course, the same goes for all other cryptocurrencies, except EverGrow has already broken significant records. Within five months of operation, it became the #1 crypto rewards token on the Binance Smart Chain. the EverGrow Parts The website shows a rolling total of rewards paid out – currently at $34.7 million.

All of these rewards are paid into coin holders’ wallets in addition to their EverGrow Coin investments. EverGrow kicked off in September last year with a strong utility base that sees 8% on all trades paid immediately to coin holders in BUSD (Binance pegged to US dollars). These rewards are deposited daily and proportional to EGC holdings. After partnering with the popular rewards token SafeMoon, EverGrow has now firmly positioned itself as one of the most exciting cryptos paying musings to investors.

Additionally, a 2% tax on all transactions is used for EverGrow’s buy-and-burn (BB+B) utility. The extra money is spent buying EverGrow Coin from the market and sending it to a burnt wallet, driving the EGC price up while generating more BUSD rewards for investors – without them selling positions.

EverGrow Coin – generate “positive volume” to beat the bear market

The large losses in the crypto market caused by record inflation levels and the Russian-Ukrainian crisis have proven the reliability of crypto on macro conditions. For crypto tokens to provide feasible investment cover to compete with stocks, stocks, and traditional commodities like gold, developers need to find a way to beat the bear market.

This is EverGrow Partnext development. The development team has announced the rollout of the first crypto and fiat integrated social media platform – Crator. Content creators can receive revenue in the form of tips or subscriptions, and choose to be paid in EGC, other crypto tokens, or fiat currencies. Analysts suggest that Crator could directly challenge sites like OnlyFans, Patreon, and even Facebook to some extent. And yet, since all profits from Crator will be used for BB+B utilities, this means that profits will be distributed equally among all token holders.

As Sam Kelly suggested in a recent tweet, Facebook makes over $30 per user in advertising – so if Crator can get even 100,000 users advertising, it could see $3 million a year. for BB+B. Full taxes paid on BB+B also means more BUSD rewards for investors.

EverGrow Part has an exciting 2022 ahead of it in its rise to the top in crypto. The team promotes the hashtag #cryptopositive to encourage both friendly competition and sound investment advice. For example, EverGrow President Sam Kelly encourages investors to think of EGC as having a “stake” in an app ecosystem that generates positive volume. This is a new direction for crypto to become more than an alternative, decentralized form and currency – and into a new era of life-changing passive income potential.

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