How to buy Coinbase (COIN) shares: step by step, with photos


The listing of Coinbase Nasdaq was another milestone in the adoption of digital assets, bringing one of the industry’s biggest representatives even further into the financial mainstream. Joining the ranks of other tech companies like Slack, Spotify, and Roblox, which all skipped initial public offerings (IPOs) and went public through direct listings, Coinbase (COIN) shares are now available for trade.

For many, the option to buy Coinbase shares is long overdue as the company may be one of the largest representatives of digital assets in the world, and despite what you may personally think of the company, they had a positive impact. on how the world views and treats cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase shares opened at $ 381 on April 14 and the price peaked at around $ 429 before dropping below the starting price at around $ 310. The listing gave the exchange an initial market cap of $ 85.8 billion, and at the time of writing, the COIN share price stands at $ 280.66, with a market cap of $ 51.199 billion. .

Note: This is not a digital asset or cryptocurrency, COIN is a traditional stock listed on Nasdaq.

In this brief guide, we’ll show you how to buy Coinbase stocks using the popular trading platform, E * TRADE, as an example.

Step 1: Register an account

Start by signing up for a brokerage account. This allows you to access the capital markets.

ETrade Choose the account type screen.

Step 2: Select your order type

Now that you are ready to go, click on the “Trade” tab, followed by Stocks / ETFs“(As shown in the image below.) In the”symbol“, search for COIN to mine the stock from Coinbase.

As this is your first purchase, select “To buy”, and enter the quantity you wish to purchase, and at which “Prize type ”. For this example, the images below will use “Marlet” as it is the simplest order form as it immediately buys / sells at the current price.

Limit” is another type of order that buys / sells stocks at a price you target, which may be above or below the market price, and it will execute if you get the price you want or better.

A “Stop” allows you to set a sell order to trigger if your asset’s price drops below the point you specify. This method is used to avoid large losses.

Note: There are other trading options out there, but to keep things simple we have highlighted the most common trading methods.

Regarding the “Duration” tab, you can select “Good for the day“, which will keep the order in effect for one day, or until it is fully canceled or completed.”All or nothing”Is another duration option that you can choose if you want to enter an order that should buy or sell in the total quantity you specified, otherwise it will not execute at all.

When you are ready, click on “Order overview”And go to the next screen.

ETOrder of shares / ETF

3: Complete your order

You will now come to this screen, where you will confirm your transaction details and when you are ready, press “To order”.

ETtrade preview command.

Congratulations! You have just placed an order to buy Coinbase (COIN) shares.

Look ahead

Coinbase Nasdaq’s listing is a watershed moment for the industry as it gives investors greater exposure to a business they may never have considered viable, and vicariously, digital assets. Being one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and bitcoin brokers in the world, it is rather fitting to see Coinbase listed on one of the largest securities markets in the world.

Digital assets are here to stay, and the Coinbase listing is a bullish indication for other blockchain companies for the foreseeable future.

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