JPGold Coin is listed on Latoken Exchange and CoinGecko

JPGold Coin, a unique global cryptocurrency, backed by redeemable physical gold, has been listed on CoinGecko and Latoken, a Tier 1 cryptocurrency exchange for trading. The hybrid digital asset has been listed in two trading pairs JPGC/USDT and LA/JPGC as the token has dual functionality as it enjoys the true benefits of a cryptocurrency which can grow in real value from market adoption, while benefiting from the stability its gold provides.

The cryptocurrency had before listing, debuted on Latoken two weeks ago for its initial exchange offering (IEO). Following the completion of the IEO, it was today listed on Latoken for trading.

Speaking on its listing, Executive Chairman of JaPaul Limited, the issuer of JPGold Coin, Jegede A. Paul expressed his excitement over JPGC’s Latoken and CoinGecko listing. The President said that JPGold Coin was invented to promote financial inclusion by simplifying and digitizing its gold mining business so that it is easily accessible for people around the world to invest in gold, without the bureaucracy and challenges associated with investing in gold.

“The world has been blessed with immeasurable natural resources. In fact, Africa is endowed with huge deposits of natural resources like crude oil, gold, lithium, copper and other vital minerals. The continent has resources estimated at trillions of dollars, but untapped. Our vision at JaPaul Limited is to explore these vast resources and ensure that we transmit this wealth across Africa and beyond,” said Mr. Paul.

“We have been in the mining business since we registered our company in 1994. And during that time, we have achieved global success exploring for oil and extracting gold and other mineral resources across the world. Africa with trade relations with Canadian explorers. We have inferred reserves of over 730,000 ounces of gold and have acquired several licenses to continue mining gold and other minerals around the world. We have a proven trading track record which has seen JaPaul Limited listed on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange,said the JaPaul boss.

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“The invention of JPGold Coin is our response to the compelling popular demand from stakeholders to simplify the gold mining business. We listened and decided to digitize our gold, making it easily accessible to anyone anywhere in the world. People can now invest in our gold-backed cryptocurrency with their mobile phones by being able to trade JPGold Coin on Latoken Exchange.

“With the purchase of JPGC, each investor is allocated a specific amount of gold. A gold certificate is issued to each investor, and they can choose to exchange the gold as physical gold bars or even customize it as jewelry. They can even use JPGC as a form of payment and as a store of value, as JPGC coins can be used as collateral to access loans,” mentioned, the leader of the Group.

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JPGold Coin is hosted on the ERC-20 protocol which means it is secure, scalable and fast. The JPGC coin can be used as an inflation hedge as its gold backing provides stability. With its Latoken and CoinGecko listing, JPGC is now easily tradable, transferable, and exchangeable.

JPGold Coin’s listing is the first of many other listings on other exchanges, as the company prepares to prepare for its listing on major Tier 1 exchanges like Binance before the fourth quarter of 2023.

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