Lattice Semiconductor Corporation: The underlying trend is in force again

long trade


Entrance fee: $ 69.05 | Target: 84.99 $ | Stop-loss: $ 60 | Potential: 23.08%
The current quote area is so interesting that investors should be careful with the stock and anticipate a return to the underlying uptrend.
Investors have the option to buy the stock and aim for $ 84.99.

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation: Lattice Semiconductor Corporation: The underlying trend is in effect again


  • The company has solid fundamentals. Over 70% of businesses have a weaker combination of growth, profitability, leverage, and visibility.
  • The company presents an interesting fundamental situation from a short-term investment perspective.
  • The company’s Refinitiv ESG score, based on a relative ranking of the company in its sector, comes out particularly badly.


  • According to sales estimates from analysts polled by Standard & Poor’s, the company is among the best in terms of growth.
  • The earnings growth currently expected by analysts for the coming years is particularly strong.
  • The margins returned by the company are among the highest on the stock market. Its main activity generates large profits.
  • Over the past year, analysts have regularly revised upward their sales forecasts for the company.
  • Analysts’ sales forecasts were recently revised upwards.
  • Over the past year, analysts covering the stock have revised upward their EPS expectations significantly.
  • For 4 months, the company has benefited from very positive EPS revisions, which have been frequently and significantly noted.
  • Analysts covering this company mainly recommend overweighting or buying stocks.
  • The average price target for analysts interested in the stock has been sharply revised upwards over the past four months.
  • Business development forecasts from analysts polled by Standard & Poor’s are tight. This results either from a good visibility on the main activities, or from a precise publication of the results.
  • Historically, the company has released numbers that are higher than expected.


  • With an expected P / E ratio of 112.47 and 82.02 respectively for the current and next fiscal year, the company is operating with high earnings multiples.
  • Compared to the value of its tangible assets, the valuation of the company appears relatively high.
  • Over the past twelve months, the analyst consensus has been revised down sharply.
  • The price targets of analysts covering the stock differ considerably. This implies difficulties in evaluating the company and its activity. 2022

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Sales 2021 508 million

Net income 2021 93.8 million

Net debt 2021

PER 2021 ratio 105x
Yield 2021
Capitalization 9,456 million
9,456 million
Capi. / Sales 2021 18.6x
Capi. / Sales 2022 16.5x
Number of employees 746
Free float 98.2%


Evolution of the income statement

To sell

To buy

Average consensus TO BUY
Number of analysts 11
Last closing price

$ 69.05

Average price target

$ 79.30

Spread / Average target 14.8%

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