Make a price prediction for the Biconomy coin

BICO crypto, also known as Biconomy, has had a heckuva week. Highs and lows are never out of the ordinary in the crypto world. But even by typical crypto standards, the rapid rise and fall in its value is catching the attention of investors. However, we have to look back a few more weeks to make sense of it all. And that should give us a better idea of ​​where BICO crypto will go in the long run.

Last October, Biconomy raised more than $ 11 million while finalizing the public sale of its native token, BICO. This is remarkable because the sale attracted over 12,000 new token holders to the Biconomy community. On top of that, around 850,000 people have signed up for the sale on the CoinList exchange. It was, to date, the largest waiting list ever recorded on CoinList. So suffice to say that there was a lot of interest and excitement.

Fast forward to early December, and BICO crypto has gained another notch in its belt. It was listed on the much larger and more popular Coinbase exchange. This turned out to be a great opportunity for those who entered early via CoinList. This new ad turned into another shopping spree. And that drove up the value of BICO. And naturally, many early-stage investors took the opportunity to cash in.

After hitting a high of over $ 21 on December 1, sellers sold in droves. And that lowered the price by over 67%. But don’t count too long. All that early excitement won’t stay away forever.

BICO Crypto is trading at a good deal right now

Much of the crypto community appears to be split into two camps. In one, there are those who are enthusiastic about making money. In the other, people are excited about the underlying technology. At this point, it’s safe to say that most traders looking to make a quick buck are using BICO crypto.

The remaining holders are those who are enthusiastic about the benefits of the Biconomy network. And that gives a bullish Biconomy price prediction …

BICO crypto is an Ethereum token that powers the Biconomy network. This network is preparing to connect users to any decentralized application on multiple chains. And he hopes he can do it for lower than average fees. While this is not the first network with such a goal, it seems likely that Biconomy could play an important role in simplifying the Web 3.0 user experience. And BICO will be used to pay the network charges.

For now, Biconomy has three products it offers blockchain developers. The first is without gas. This allows DeFi applications to pay gas charges on behalf of its users. His second offer is Forward. This provides users with the option of paying for gasoline charges either through stablecoins or ERC-20. And finally, there is the hyphen. This project hopes to act as a cross-chain pipeline allowing developers immediate value transfers between Ethereum and other second-tier blockchain networks, such as Polygon.

If this all sounds complicated, it’s because it’s pretty exhilarating stuff. But because Biconomy has been working on this for a few years, it could put it in charge of the functioning of Web 3.0. And that bodes well for BICO crypto.

Biconomy coin price prediction

Now that shorts are out of BICO crypto, volatility is expected to drop significantly… well, comparatively it is. In the future, this token will surely experience ebbs and flows, but it will likely do so in a more correlated way with the rest of the big coins.

A seller’s market tends to affect the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more. When one dives, so do many others. At the same time, when the bulls come out to buy the downside, they tend to raise dozens of different coins at the same time. And this will probably also be the case for BICO in the future.

However, if Biconomy’s product suite is adopted in the months and years to come, BICO should start to surpass the gains of those larger coins mentioned above. While we wouldn’t expect this to happen overnight, it does seem likely in the long run. It is likely that the BICO will stay around the $ 7 mark for the remainder of the year and into the next. It is therefore doubtful that there are reasons to hurry into a position. But as the ideas behind Web 3.0 begin to materialize, we expect BICO encryption to at least double over the next year or so.

While this may not sound great to those who bought during the height of the Coinbase frenzy, it still looks appealing as a long-term hold. And those who embrace the underlying technology will likely be rewarded over the next several years.

The result on BICO Crypto

If you are not participating in the CoinList sale, you have missed the opportunity to make a quick profit. But for those with a little patience, BICO is selling near the low where it’s likely to go. And as the adoption of Biconomy products increases, so will the value of BICO. But those 300% false whips in value are probably a thing of the past.

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