MAQ coin & the Revolution of Real estate​/ maq kickstarts real estate development in the crypto space.

In the latest expansion, MAQ takes the initiative to launch a Real estate development. QAM and the Real estate development. MAQ is a community project that strives to build trust between real estate buyers and sellers around the world. It also offers the following advantages for the comfort of its holders and users:

*MAQ facilitates financial transactions and cardholder payments.

*The company provides MAQ holders with the opportunity to make a profit by buying and renting physical property using currencies generated from a percentage deducted from each buy and sell order.

As electronic contracts and blockchain technology become more widespread around the world, the buying and selling of real estate is taking a revolutionary path by using cryptocurrency tokens to facilitate these transactions. For these purposes, however, sellers and buyers of real estate must use a specialized and secure cryptocurrency, where investors can buy and sell real estate quickly, securely and without any kind of exhausting bureaucratic procedures. Therefore, MAQ is created.

Additionally, MAQ offers its clients a verifiable record of ownership data both through the immutable ledger known as blockchain as well as the use of NFT certificates to prove ownership.

By implementing the tokenization of real estate assets, the team protects investors while providing a faster transaction process, lower and verifiable fees, and digital certifications in the form of NFTs with their own marketplace.

The MAQ platform adopts blockchain technology to limit security issues by enabling registration on an immutable decentralized network. It allows its holders to experience the first real estate token that will allow them to buy and sell real estate in the crypto market.

QAM and the Real estate development offers exclusive crypto features for its holders:


5% fee from each transaction is redistributed to token holders. This means that people can earn more MAQs by keeping them in their wallet. It is imperative to note that centralized exchanges/wallets may not apply on tokenomics.

2 Burn and redeem

The MAQ strategic plan and the Real estate development is to buy physical real estate and use the cash flow to support MAQ monthly. In addition, the team of experts behind the MAQ will reduce the available quantity of MAQ tokens monthly by adopting a buy-back policy.


Initial LP tokens locked.

About the MAQ token:

The MAQ token is a deflationary token, so as it becomes rarer, the MAQ in the wallets of MAQ holders and users and, therefore, it will become more valuable.

This system incentivizes investors to hold tokens and profit from market transactions!

People can generate passive income and avoid steep price drops from massive asset sales since whales are rewarded for holding onto their tokens and can avoid paying too much tax by keeping their money on the platform!

MAQ Token is reflective, which means that it returns a percentage of 5% of each transaction to its holders. In other words, each holder is rewarded by generating transaction fees and then redistributing a percentage of those fees.

There is also a 3% tax rate that will go into the asset portfolio. In addition to this, the company plans to use these fees to purchase properties and rent to generate cash flow. The cash flow will be used to buy and burn the token so that the value of the MAQ coin continues to grow exponentially.

Additionally, MAQ and the Real estate development (The white paper is published in many languages ​​ENGLISH, CHINESE, RUSSIAN, ARABIC, POLISH) MORE DETAILS ON THE WEBSITE.

MAQ is the next step for the global market. Users and people interested in real estate, development and crypto should visit the official website for more updates. Join the Telegram or Twitter to connect with the MAQ community and witness the MAQ phenomenon.

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