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Jhe world of deceptionCentralized finance, or DeFi, is growing at an unprecedented rate. There are now over $13 billion in assets locked in DeFi protocols, and the sector is only expected to continue growing in the years to come.

Many DeFi projects have been built on top of the Terra (Luna) network, and as the value of Terra (Luna) has fallen to zero, the value of projects built on top of it has also gone down.

However, some projects are built on top of other networks, such as Binance Smart Chain, backed by the world’s largest crypto exchange, and are not as directly affected by the Terra (Luna) crash.

It’s still too early to tell if DeFi projects can survive the Terra (Luna) crash, but many in the community are optimistic about their ability to adapt and thrive in the new environment.

One of the most exciting things about DeFi is the wide range of projects being built. From lending and borrowing platforms to stablecoins and tokenized BTC, there is a DeFi protocol for almost everything.

A project that isparticularly intriguing is my piece of freedom (MFC).

What is My Freedom Coin?

MFC is the first user-owned DeFi platform with a use case as a shock-resistant asset and store of value that provides investors with consistent growth.

MFC is more “stock-like” than “crypto-like” compared to other digital assets, as it is not intended to be as volatile or prone to stock market crashes.

This DeFi project establishes a floor price for its native token by establishing a treasury with sufficient BUSD stable assets to redeem all MFC tokens if needed. It is built not to fall to zero, unlike others the previous month.

It uses the Binance Smart Chain protocol. All transactions made on its network contribute to the growing value of the coin, which benefits all MFC owners.

What to doIs the MFC unique?

My Freedom Coin is a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency that compensates users for participating in the network. A small fee is levied on all MFC peer-to-peer transactions, which helps reduce supply and raise the price floor. This benefits all token holders equally, as it helps create a more stable and valuable asset.

Another key advantage of MFC is that it provides cryptocurrency investors with innovative and powerful tokenomics. It allows users to directly interact with each other through various transactions, such as interest on loans or exchange fees. This allows users to personalize their software experience and set their own appreciation levels.

Shudo investors take care of My Freedom Coin?

The project intrigues crypto investors as it streamlines a complex procedure into a single investment instrument with a shockproof structure.

Analysts debate whether My Freedom Coin will achieve the compound growth rates of coins like Eth, Sol, and BTC, but they generally agree that My Freedom Coin, with its higher adoption rates and larger community strong, could eclipse all other DeFi projects.

For more information on My Freedom Coin, please see their official site and their Twitter, Telegram, Discordand Reddit. The app can be downloaded through their website. Interested parties can use the code ‘CXPMGOSKJT’ to join the platform.

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