NO crypto transactions on Amazon: Amazon CEO

Reuters, April 14 – In an interview with CNBC On Thursday, Inc (AMZN.O) CEO Andy Jassy said the e-commerce giant isn’t about to add bitcoin as a payment option to its retail operations. by retail.

Acceptance of digital currency by eBay

In 2021, NFTs, a type of blockchain-based digital currency, have grown in popularity, with artworks sold for millions of dollars.

A growing number of businesses are accepting virtual currencies as a form of payment, bringing an asset class once overlooked by big banks closer to the mainstream.

Last year, eBay Inc was the first e-commerce company to accept NFTs selling digital items such as pictures, trading cards and video clips on its site.

Its platforms are available through an online experience, mobile devices running iOS and Android, and application programming interfaces (APIs). The business is divided into segments, such as Marketplace.

Marketplace refers to eBay’s online marketplace, accessible at, and its regional equivalents and mobile applications.

eBay previously said it would consider accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment in the future.

eBay Inc., which includes its marketplace platform, is a global trading company. The Company’s technologies and services are designed to provide buyers with a variety of relevant inventory while enabling sellers to sell their products virtually anytime and anywhere.

User interfaces, buying, selling and development tools, as well as transaction processing, database and network applications, are all developed by the company to help users transact on its sites. .

Amazon stands on crypto

Amazon is one of the largest trading platforms in the world. Jeffrey Preston Bezos, better known as Jeff Bezos, started the service in 1994.

One of the most pressing topics these days is whether or not Amazon would accept bitcoin, as the future of cryptocurrency hinges on the ability to pay with it. For various reasons, Amazon may find it difficult to take cryptocurrencies.

He also hinted that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) may be sold on his e-commerce platform in the future and that NFTs will continue to grow “substantially.”

Bitcoin transactions, for example, are somewhat slow at around 7 transactions per second, compared to Amazon’s highest number of transactions per second at 600.

Despite this, the company has yet to officially announce whether or not it will take virtual currency.

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