Revenio Group Corporation to Transfer Shares Related to Equity-Based Awards to CEO

Revenio Corporation Group to transfer the shares linked to the share awards to the CEO

The board of directors of Revenio Corporation Group decided to February 10, 2022on the basis of the authorization to issue shares given to the Board of Directors by the Company’s General Meeting held on March 17, 2021to issue shares, a total of 400 Revenio Corporation Group shares held by the company, as part of a free share grant to the CEO Jouni Toijala for the payment of share awards under the LTI RS 2021-2023 program starting in 2021.

The shares to be issued under the directed free share issue will be issued in accordance with the terms of the company’s current stock incentive plan, which will improve the tenure and work motivation of the CEO, so there is a particularly important financial reason under the Companies Act (9:4.1). The main terms of the stock incentive plan are described in the company’s 2020 compensation report.

After the transfer, the company holds 106,557 own shares.

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Revenio Group in short
Income is a leading company in the global market for ophthalmic devices and software solutions. Revenio’s ophthalmic diagnostic solutions include intraocular pressure (IOP) measuring devices (tonometers), perimetric and fundus imaging devices under the iCare brand. In addition, the Group’s eye care software platform, Oculo, offers clinical communication, telehealth, remote patient monitoring and data analysis capabilities.

In 2021, the Group’s turnover amounts to €78.8 millionwith an operating result of €22.1 million. Revenio Corporation Group is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki with trading code REG1V.

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