Shiba Inu Community Issues Alert About Fake Shiba Eternity Apps

  • August was a busy month for the Shiba Inu community
  • Shiba Eternity game will launch on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Crypto Exchange also offers treats in a $50,000 prize

The Shiba Inu People’s Group has issued a warning about counterfeit Shiba Eternity apps. This alarm was raised by ShibQueenie, the official mediator of Shib Discord and a growth race person, who stated that the Shiba Eternity game remained parts in early testing and therefore was only accessible for recordings of approved analyzer and players in Vietnam.

The long period of August has been staggering for the group of Shiba Inu people. Around the beginning of August, the Shiba Inu group discovered the name of the Shib CCG game, Shiba Eternity, after some time pushing the area.

SHIB Inu price at time of writing – $0.0000126

He also said while working near Playside Studios on a testing and delivery schedule. The Shiba Eternity game will ship to both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Shiba Inu Games Chief Specialist William Volk took to Twitter to share some tests of the cool cards in the SHIB CCG game.

On August 11, the long-awaited day came for Shiba Eternity as Shiba Inu Lead Engineer Shytoshi Kusama said that the Shiba Eternity game is currently available for testing on iOS gadgets in the country.

It comes after the chief engineer gave a treat to the group of Shiba Inu Vietnam people in late July. Beside this, no different update was given except for that of the lead designer of Shib expressing that the Shiba Eternity gaming group was fixing the bugs found in the game.

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Bone enters the top 3 of the vote

BONE is according to all accounts on its way to being registered on the premier digital currency trade,, as it is the last storage vote in favor of Display 2.

Around the beginning of August, the crypto trade invited its customers to choose their preferred token so that it could very well be incorporated to be traded on stage.

A total of ten digital currencies, including BONE Shibaswap (BONE), have been submitted for voting by trade. Three of the 10 forms of digital currency with the most votes will be retained for the final saving vote.

Crypto Trade is also giving away treats in a $50,000 prize pool to Shiba Inu traders who participate in the Shib v. Doge.

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