SOFI SHARE FORECAST: SOFI is trading today at a decrease of 4%. Will he recover from the dive in the coming week?

SOFI Stock Prediction: For the next 24 hours, the SOFI stock price is expected to trade between $ 13.8 and $ 16.5. The overall recommendation for the next 24 hours is neutral.

0 of the 3 dynamics indicators are positive.

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SOFI is trading at 4.82% inferior at $ 14.90 during the current trading session.



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Sofi stock forecasts

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SOFI Stock News Today: SOFI Stock Analysis – Analysis Forecast, How to trade options in SOFI?

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Originally tweeted by Nova Trades (@novatradez) to December 10, 2021.

I set limit orders @ 14.90 – 14.50 – 14.0 & 13.90
Although this weekly chart scares me

Sofi stock forecasts

Cramer’s love at first sight: Illumina and SoFi are buys

Renren’s $ 300million SoFi Stake Settlement Dismissed

SOFI stock forecast: Company context

SoFi Technologies is a US based online finance company that offers student loans, personal loans, mortgages, credit cards, investments, banking through online app and also website. The company’s application is available on IOS and Android. It is located in San Francisco. The company has developed online technology to provide financial services to clients. The company operates through three segments, loans, financial services and technology platform.

SOFI Equity Forecast: Third Quarter Results

  • SOFI announced that this quarter is the second highest on record in terms of membership and revenue growth.
  • The total membership increased 96% year over year to 2.91 million, with an increase of 35%, new members are 377,000.
  • Total revenue increased 108% year-on-year to 4.3 million.
  • Total net sales amounted to $ 272 million.
  • Total GAAP revenue increased 35% to $ 272 million
  • SOFI recorded a gaap net loss of $ 30 million in this fiscal quarter with an improvement of $ 13 million over last year’s results.
  • SOFI has worked with top influencers on YouTube, tiktok, Instagram and Twitter, resulting in an additional 400 million impressions and 775,000 engagements with sofi content.
  • With a 14% increase in the loan segment, total profit was $ 117.7 million.
  • Technology segment net sales increased 29% and total net sales amounted to $ 50.2 million in this third quarter.
  • Total third quarter net sales were $ 12.6 million, three times the third quarter results of last year.

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