The ZUNA piece moves in a major way in the NFT space.

Coeur d’Alene, ID, December 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – (via Block wire) The team behind ZUNA coin is again. To move forward with their plans to release an NFT Collection followed by a Full NFT Marketplace, there looks to be exciting months ahead.

Photo available: Zuna NFT Collection and NFT Marketplace available soon!

What is ZUNA?

$ ZUNA is a deflationary token built on the Binance Smart Channel network. It offers excellent tokenomics and rewards to its holders. 5% of each transaction is shared between anyone with ZUNA in their wallet.

The developers are completely doxxed and some of the most transparent developers out there. Ownership has been relinquished and liquidity is 100% locked; with 5% of every transaction transferred to the cash pool and frozen forever. ZUNA uses large holder-based stage burns, combined with small burns that occur with each trade to cause its deflationary effect.

With an official launch on November 1, 2021 and a number of holders approaching 25,000 at the time of this article, the project is well advanced and has a bright future ahead of it.

Next version NFT
In January 2022, ZUNA will launch an exclusive NFT astronaut-style collection with 1969 individual variations. Striving to be different, ZUNA will be of use to every NFT in the form of passive rewards of $ ZUNA. The rarer your Astronaut, the more rewards you earn just for keeping the NFT in your wallet.

While there are variations from 1969, the rarity will be determined by the number of NFTs for that particular astronaut available, with the rarest being the one created. Earning rewards for simply holding NFTs is a new idea that only a handful of NFT projects are currently offering.

Go further to offer as much value as possible to its NFT holders; ZUNA NFT will also benefit from future passive rewards from its upcoming NFT Marketplace. By owning one of the original NFT Astronauts, you will be entitled to a percentage of all trades once the Marketplace is fully built and operational. Plans to build the market are already underway.

Upcoming NFT Market
After the release of ZUNA’s NFT collection, the team will start to develop the market. Their plan is to offer a market that rivals in quality and functionality. The delivery of the ZUNA marketplace is expected towards the end of the second quarter of 2022.

The Marketplace will run on $ ZUNA for every buy and sell. Those who own one of the original NFT Astronauts will have a share of all transaction fees (in the form of ZUNA) that take place in the NFT Marketplace. Creators will be able to easily launch collections and host a variety of NFTs.

Additionally, the team behind ZUNA will be releasing step-by-step training and tutorials to teach anyone who wants to launch their own collection on the ZUNA NFT platform. The ZUNA community is eagerly awaiting the market release, and many have already started to create NFT collections to be listed.

The NFT Marketplace will provide the first true utility for $ ZUNA, with many more projects to follow.

To look forward
ZUNA was never meant to be just another coin / hype. True utility, an amazing community, and dedicated developers will ensure ZUNA’s success for years to come. There is enormous room for growth and integrations of public services. Investors will want to take ZUNA for the long term and will certainly be happy with their returns.

$ ZUNA is currently available on PancakeSwap.Finance with more exchanges being added in the near future. The developers have their eyes on a handful of exchanges, including Hotbit, Cointiger, and

You can connect with the ZUNA community by following them on Twitter or join their Telegram group.

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