This Re 1 coin can fetch Rs 10 crore; here’s how

Diagram of old coins: You could quickly become a billionaire if you enjoy collecting old coins or banknotes. Many people keep old coins for a very long time. Right now these coins give you the chance to become a millionaire. In reality, the price of these coins has suddenly increased. With this you can earn thousands of rupees. We are going to tell you today about a one rupee coin that has the power to make you a millionaire.

The actual selling price of this one rupee coin was Rs 10 crore. But it was not a typical room. A British era coin that was produced in 1885 would net you Rs 10 crore. On the Internet, you can hold an auction for it.

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This old coin system can be said to be the biggest update as in the online auction, you can earn up to Rs 9 crore 99 lakh by bidding on this coin. After all, where are the people who will spend so much money on just one piece? Plus, you’ll make more money if you know where to hold the auction. In addition, the whole auction process provides you with information.

You must first visit the website and register if you want to sell such coins. You must take a photo of this piece and upload it to the website before you can proceed. Buyers will contact you personally. Then you can sell your currency according to the terms of delivery and payment. Here, haggling is also an option.

Also, by creating a login, you can auction coins on With this you can earn thousands of rupees. You must upload a photo of your piece for the auction. Many people buy antiques. Some people who collect old coins might be keen to buy them from you at a fair price.

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