Three Elite Yellow Corporation riders chosen for “The Best of the Best” U.S. road team

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas, Jan. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Yellow Corporation (NASDAQ: YELL) is pleased to announce that three of its longtime professional truck drivers have been selected as new members of the American Trucking Associations’ (ATA) Captains of the American Road Team. The drivers will serve as ambassadors for the trucking industry, traveling the country to spread the message of safe driving, while teaching about the trucking industry and its many career opportunities.

Yellow’s three winning riders competed against 34 other professional riders to earn 22 spots on the 2022-23 road team.

“American road team captains are the best of the best in our industry,” said Darrel Harris, President and Chief Operating Officer of Yellow Corporation. “We are proud that the ATA and its panel of judges have selected our drivers who, combined, have nearly nine million safe driving miles. They will represent our industry and our company well.

Richard Frazer of Rockford, IL has been a professional rider for over three decades, 23 years with Yellow. Since childhood, he dreamed of obtaining his commercial driver’s license. In addition to driving his regular route, Frazer also serves as a driver trainer and mentor for new drivers joining Yellow.

Jeff Rose of Akron, OH has been driving for 29 years, all with Yellow. In addition to teaching new drivers safety techniques, Rose works closely with the Ohio State Highway Patrol to promote truck safety.

Mike Buck, of Oklahoma City, also drove professionally for more than three decades, 19 of them with Yellow. Buck frequently competes in Oklahoma State Truck Driving Championships and has won several honors.

Drivers competing for the US Road Team were judged on their ability to articulate their knowledge of the industry, their skills in effective safety and transportation communication, and their overall safe driving record. The judging panel included trucking and trade press executives.

“These captains will spread the message of traffic safety across America. They are leaders in their communities, role models in their businesses, and are dedicated and passionate about the industry,” said Elisabeth Barna, executive vice president of ATA Industrial Affairs.” This new class represents everything we strive to promote about our industry and its professionals, especially as we face driver shortages and challenges related to the supply chain.”

About Yellow Corporation
Yellow Corporation has one of the largest and most comprehensive LTL and logistics networks in North America with local, regional, national and international capabilities. Through its teams of experienced service professionals, Yellow Corporation offers industry-leading expertise in flexible supply chain solutions, ensuring customers can ship industrial, commercial and retail goods with confidence. Yellow Corporation, headquartered in Overland Park, Kan., is the holding company for a portfolio of LTL brands, including Holland, New Penn, Reddawayand YRC Freightas well as the logistics company yellow logistics.

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