UK Focuses on Crypto-Friendliness as Ripple, Avalanche, Big Eyes Coin Aim for the Moon

The UK recently completed its transition to power following the resignation of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Liz Truss landed the job after beating another candidate, Rishi Sunak, in the race to become the next prime minister.

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss have been candid about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. However, unlike Sunak, Liz Truss is more reserved in her crypto comments. With Liz’s crypto interests, it looks like the UK will be more crypto-friendly than ever.

A recent statement from the UK’s Economic Secretary confirms that the UK government is committed to amplifying the UK’s position as a crypto-friendly country. However, the UK is gradually accepting cryptocurrencies, subject to overseeing its operation and distribution in the country.

While the UK government continues to express a desire to include crypto and blockchain innovation in its technology programs, it is still uncertain whether the bill will pass.

Meanwhile, Ripple, Avalanche and Big Eyes Coins are three cryptocurrencies set to shoot the moon in the coming crypto summer, here are more:

Could crypto regulations favor Ripple?

Ripple has a fair share of negative feedback from crypto regulation. A good example is his lawsuit with the SEC. It has been alleged that Ripple (XRP) is a security that can justify certain customs and duties. Meanwhile, the Ripple team denied distributing the token as security.

Could the friendliness of the UK encourage Ripple to thrive in the country’s economy without any potential regulatory risk? Well, that question belongs to the government. Ripple maintained its stance on rebates in the US where it faced the most regulatory setback.

This coin has also thrived in the crypto market regardless of the situation. The Ripple Community [the XRPArmy] also played a role in maintaining the relevance of the asset in the market. Ripple could generate gains when the market recovers because, during the crypto winter, its developers and distributor have strengthened their partnerships with many institutions and products.

Avalanche should maintain a constant uptrend
Avalanche is another cryptocurrency and network that has not compromised its uptrend position when viewed on the chart from the monthly timeframe. You could see that it reached its last low in June 2022 and is expected to reach the moon by 2023.
The holders of Avalanche (AVAX) expect a sudden increase in the crypto market capitalization when strong news and favorable sentiments arise in its network or market. Now could be a good time for hodl.

Big Eyes Coin Hits Target vs. Presale
Big Eyes Coin is a cryptocurrency that is about to explode. It will offer so much to the crypto community, including liquidity mining, staking, and NFT creation.
Big Eyes Coin is already building its community on the presale and is expected to launch on Uniswap as soon as the presale ends. You can now become part of its community with as little as 1 USDT, or wait until the IDO gets as many tokens as possible at a higher price, which includes losing the chance to get rewards for early risers compared to presale.

Learn more about Big Eyes Coin below:

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