Xiaomi files a patent to develop blockchain virtual characters

  • Xiaomi is one of the largest mobile and technology companies in the world
  • The patent mentions that the creation of these characters will be randomized
  • Characters would use decentralized blockchain technology to maintain their genetic sequences

One of the world’s largest mobile phone and innovation companies, Xiaomi, has submitted a patent application that uses blockchain innovation to work with the development of its unique computerized characters.

The patent, titled “Virtual character processing method, device and storage medium,” was filed in January 2022, but was recently discovered by the company in China, according to Chinese application Tianyancha.

Due to the decentralized nature of blockchain and its immutable properties, an increasing number of organizations are incorporating it into their new item blueprints. According to the current disclosure, the patent can produce virtual characters with various images as indicated by various quality layouts.

Xiaomi, notable for its cellphones and other electronic gadgets, recently released the patent application that describes the organization’s use of blockchain innovation during the time spent creating its virtual characters.

Additionally, Xiaomi may implicate this innovation in the future to further its own metaverse experience, but no authoritative claims have been made.

Xiaomi could use the technology in the metaverse

According to the documentation, the characters would use this decentralized blockchain innovation to track their quality estates, thereby protecting the new mix from annihilation.

Although the patent does not unequivocally refer to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), its description of the use of the blockchain proposes the use of NFTs or a comparative innovation.

No comments from the authorities have been made regarding this situation. Either way, some people have speculated that Xiaomi might be fostering its own metaverse stage with these virtual characters as the main draw. Nevertheless, there has been no confirmation of these gossips.

Assuming that happens, it wouldn’t be every time Xiaomi first toyed with the world of digital cash. In 2018, the organization introduced its most memorable assortment of non-fungible tokens, named Crypto Rabbits.

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Blockchain Details

The part that refers to the blockchain in the patent concerns the ability of the fabricated person. According to the documentation, the characters would use this decentralized registration innovation to store their quality estates, so that the extraordinary mixture is protected from annihilation. Although the patent does not specify NFTs, its representation of the use of blockchain hints at the use of this or that comparative innovation.

Anyway, this is just a patent registration, and the use of the idea is yet to come. Some have considered the possibility of Xiaomi sending its own metaverse scene with these virtual characters as the main attraction, but there has been no official explanation for this.

Either way, the company was dropped in March due to low brand awareness, according to local sources.

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